It’s my gear : Bass Effector
Bass Effectors

Hi, this is Shing-Chang.


I introduced my basses on my previous blog.

So, this time, I introduce my effectors.


Bass Effectors


I'm trying the octaver effector now, because I plan to use it next gig.

I have been using these effectors other than octoraver since before.

The order of effectors connection is

①EQ→(②Tuner)→③Compressor→④Octaver→⑤Chorus→⑥Auto Wah

In theory, I want to connect to tuner from parallel output, but any effector can't be mounted more than this because of effector board size.

When I use 5 strings active bass, ①EQ is unmounted.


① MXR / 10 BAND EQ

Popular EQ.

It is 10 band equqlizer, so it is useful.

I cut bad frequency of precision bass and boost low-mid a little.


② Sonic Research / Turbo Tuner ST-300

It is highly accurate tuner.

2G(guitar) also use it.


③ aguilar / TLC COMPRESSOR

It is famous compressor effect pedal.

This effect is natural, but it give a little characteristic sound.

I like aguilar sound.


④ BOSS / SUPER Octave OC-3

I'm just trying this octaver pedal.

I have this pedal for a long time, but I have never used it in gig.

It can make two octaves lower sound or octave sound with drive.

I try to use octave pedal with auto wah pedal and I want to make analog synthesizer sound.

By the way, I alse have bass synthesizer effector pedal of BOSS, I want to this pedal in someday...



I use this chorus pedal for slap play.

I bought it, because reviews on internet are good.

This pedal can make various chorus sounds.

I'm just doing try and error now.

Unfortunately, I didn't use it in Cook Robinson's recording.



This pedal is envelope filter, it can make amazing funky sound.

It is famous Paul McCartney has used the Unit 1. (I'm not sure.)

I often use this pedal in Cook Robinson.


That is my effector board.

I used to use over drive pedal before, but it is unmounted now because I didn't use much.

The octavor pedal will be debut in next gig...?