cook robinson × bacon slap! 2019.12 Japan Tour

Don't you think it is too cold in Japan????


Because I got used to Taiwanese climate, my body hair became like Wolverine as soon as arrive at Kansai airport.

I'm Toraichi.


I wrote about Taiwan tour in previous article, so this is continuation last time.


Bacon slap!, they performed with us in Taiwan tour, came Japan, and we got a chance to play with bacon slap! in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan.


マンモスうれP(←That is Japanese old slang that means very happy. )

The day before the live in Kyoto, Friday

Do you know "Kessen wa Kinyobi(Friday Is the Crucial Day)” by Dreams Come True? I like scat section at this the end of this song.


However, our crucial days are Saturday and Sunday and today, 12/6 Friday, is off day(paid leave). I and 2G plan "O MO TE NA SHI" for bacon slap!.

("Omotenashi" means to wholeheartedly look after guests.)


Refer from tsuri-kichi

First, we went to Tsuri-Kichi in Namba at a Wei(bacon slap! bassist)”s request. The restaurant have a fishing pond and we can eat fish dishes make from fish caught by myself.


I am impressed with I think bacon slap! is coming to Japan and I get teary… My nose is stung… Oops, that is by WASABI.


Wei have crazy sense of taste and he ate heaping WASABI. I tried to eat heaping WASABI like him, but I couldn’t eat.


Please don't mesunderstand. I am not alone.

After fishing, we went to ROUND1 and we played air hockey game. I don’t often play such game, but I excited this time.


We also went to Hozenji Yokocho,


music instrument shop, record shop, because we play in a band.


Then, we went to Takoya that is popular Takoyaki restaurant, and Shin-Chang was coming. Excellent.


Saturday・mojo, Kyoto





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Bernie, bacon slap! guitarist. Right hand in this side is his wife, Wei Wei Chiu.


I heard that a lot of Taiwanese study in university over 30 or 40 years old in Taiwan. Bernie(bacon slap! guitarist)’s wife work at the daytime and study after work, so she is busy.


He said so when I asked him “Do you want children?” in train to go to Kyoto.


By the way, bacon slap! stayed at the hostel in Namba while Kansai tour.


I thought it is difficult that they go to Kyoto because they are first time in Kansai. So, I went to pick up them in the morning and I am talking with them about that now.





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Back stage before rehearsal at mojo

We arrived to Kyoto and we rehearse at mojo. I cared them than ourselves that bacon slap! can communicate with the music venue stuff.


I thought Kyoto is cold, but Kyoto was not cold. So, we took a walk along Kamo-gawa river after we ate Soba,





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and went to Yasaka shrine.


Then, live is started.

2019/12/7 京都MOJO 開演直前

12/7京都MOJOのライブ開始直前の映像です!This is a video just before live start at MOJO, Kyoto, Dec 7.Shin-Chang

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He use many MP for this jump.




Mill.K, came just in gig starting time, played drums by rage against the machine.


I enjoyed bacon slap! performance with my might.


we took a photo with today's guest, bacon slap!.

Mojo in Kyoto is looking after me since before. The stuff is kindness and we enjoyed this live. Thank you for your hospitality, mojo.


I was relieved that bacon slap! could talk other Japanese bands member. Feelings like parents!


We enjoyed party at mojo and we went back Namba by last train!




I waked up by funky LINE message from Mill.K at afternoon.


It seems that a banana used in Taiwan live got ripe in his suitcase.


I did it, but I laughed out loud. So sorry…


Smile of the person putted banana in Mill.k’s suitcase.

Well… in previous day, the rehearsal time was early morning, but today’s rehearsal is starting afternoon. In addition, today is my home town, Osaka. So I am going to relax until my rehearsal is started.


Mill.K could join our rehearsal this day.

However, Osaka is my home town, but cook robinson is band from Taiwan. We perform at music venue in Nanba first time.


We drank beer, it is our gasoline, finally gig is started.






I presented heat pad because this day is cold.






Thank you for Taiwan and Japan tour


いやいや。非常に楽しい夜でした。みんなよくのむなぁ。食うなぁ。まだまだ呑み足りない。でも終電。 さみしいなぁ。酒飲みタイガーでお馴染みのみんなでグルグル回るこの電車ダンスは培根巴掌!カメラマンのCHENの普段の生活がまさにこんな感じという理由から「Chen's Train Cycle」と培根巴掌!から命名されました。電車も回るけど、そら酒もまわるわってことでChen's Train Cycle みんな覚えておいてね。ライブでやるよ!Movie by Crow Chen(←HisTrain Cycle..)

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When I was child, I felt time of games we play in a limited time is too short, right?


Time flies when we are having fun. This live in BRONZE is the last that cook robinson perform with bacon slap! in this tour.


We learned so much in Taiwan and Japan tour with bacon slap!. Especially, I think the most important thing is cook robinson met bacon slap!.


I never thought I can get funny friends at this age. Thank you.


And thanks everyone who play with us.


Whatever it takes, I want to perform at Taiwan music festival.