It’s my gear : Bass

Hi, this is Shin-Chang.


Today, I introduce my cute basses.

However, please don’t get your hopes up because my basses is not special, hahaha.

First, my main bass that I use for CookRobinson. It is precision bass by Freedom.

FreedomCustomGuitarResearch PB Type

FreedomCustomGuitarResearch PB Type

BRAND:Freedom Custom Guitar Research



I bought this bass about 10 years ago.

This bass is secondhand, but it was looks like new.

The color is surf green and it seems that it is custom made.

I changed the pickguard to anodized gold one from the white because white one with this bass is too pretty.

When I bought this bass, I was into Pino Palladino who is basist.

So I wanted a precision bass and I bought this bass music instrument shop at Akihabara.

It was love at first sight.

However, I didn’t play this bass much because I often played crossover music when I bought this bass.


I use this bass manly in CookRobinson since CookRobinson was started and I also used this bass in Taiwan×Japan tour.

Its sound is very precision bass and not fit some music genre.

But its sound is groovy, so it match for funky music.

I used flat wound strings about 1 years ago because I yearned for Pino Palladino.

Recently, I use round wound strings for slap play in new songs.


In “パク山パクチー(Pakuyama-Pakchi)” and “酒呑みタイガー(Sakenomi-Tiger)” included in “厨師羅賓森”, this bass is used with flat wound strings↓




Next is this bass.






I bought this bass about 1 years ago and this bass is the newest in my bass collection.

I wanted 5 strings bass because I have only 4 string bass, so I bought this bass.

This bass had TUNE’s onboard preamp, but I changed this preamp to Aguilar OPB-3.

And this bass was adjusted with PLEK in the TUNE workshop because I think this bass is old.

So I can play this bass comfortably.


I used this bass mainly in last time album recording and I also have used in some gig.

I can play many sounds by using this bass because it have Aguilar 3 bands equalizer.

However, this bass have no characteristic sound.

So I don’t use this bass for CookRobinson now because it is not impressions.


I used this bass with slap play in “ベーコン to スラップ(Bacon to Slap)”.


The last is Jazz Bass Type.

I don’t often use this bass now.

JIRAUD Mobius Type2JB

JIRAUD Mobius Type2JB


TYPE:Mobius Type2JB


I bought this bass new.

This bass is custom made by Jiraud Bass Center that is workshop in Shibuya, Tokyo.

When I was a college student, I used this bass mainly and I played crossover music


This bass have wide range frequency from low to high very well.

It is sharpness sound and good sound for slap play.

Because I followed Marcus Miller(Basist) and so on, I imitated his sound.

It is very funky sound, but it is not match for CookRobinson.

So I don’t use for CookRobinso.

However, I want to use this bass for slap play in recording.


I often use these three basses.

In addition, I have a bass one more, MOON JJ.

This bass is modified that the onboard preamp is removed and frets are also removed.



And this bass have finger ramp, hahaha.

I yearned Larry Graham, so I bought this bass.

This is a good memory.

But I don’t play this bass for a while because it is in my parents’ house.


It don’t have some original parts…

I have to play this bass once in a while.


Other than electric bass, I have a contrabass and Gibson Les Paul.

So my house is full by music instruments.

In my previous house, basses were put on a wall because this house was very small.

I recommend this style.


My basses introduction is all.

Next time, I want to introduce bass effectors.