I use skull microphone, super 55, with wireless

Hey what’s up? This is tolaichi.


Last time, shin-chang introduced his basses. So, I introduce my microphone using in Cook Robinson today.

  1. About my microphone : super 55
  2. About wireless parts : nux B3


Ok, let’s start!

shure super55 (limited edition)


It started when 2G(guitar) said “Why don’t you use skull microphone?”.

I thought “If I use this microphone with upper side of microphone stand, it is like Freddie Mercury. That is very cool(?)”. Then, I decided to buy this microphone.

Good points of super55


  • The design is perfect score
  • It is less who use this microphone around myself


Someone ask “Which do you like a guy with cool face and bad personality or a guy with bad face and cool personality.”, but I think person’s face tell their personality!

Super55 have cool design, and its spec is no problem because this microphone can pick up my voice.

Therefore, I don’t know who use this microphone around myself while I sing in some band 10 years.

In addition, the standard edition is metallic, but the limited edition is matte and chic black. That is unique. Perfect!!


Bad point of super55


  • Heavy
  • It takes time for cleaning


This microphone is heavy. I know it is wrote that this microphone is heavy in some user’s review. FAX!


There is 4 screws. It is difficult to unscrew.

I can’t cleaning this easily because I have to unscrew for take pop guard off.

A bad smell microphone lead vocalist to hell, so I spray alcohol to this microphone after I use it.


Why I didn’t choice shure 55SH


There is shure 55SH that is cheaper than super55 and it looks alike super55. But this two is very different like “SLAYER(American metal band)” and “Slayers(Japanese novel)”.


55SH have an on/off switch, but super55 don’t have a switch. I chose super55 because I may touch a switch when I am singing if a microphone have a switch.

In addition, I heard if my voice volume is small, 55SH’s sound is no good.

It is too much to say that this two is different like “SLAYER” and “Slayers”. It may be different like “Slayers” and “Rayearth(Japanese animation)”.

Wireless parts of microphone



I’m not on stage while we are performing, so I have to use wireless microphone. Therefore, I need wireless attachment for super55, because super55 is not wireless


Then, I find three kind wireless products.

  1. XVIVE 「 XV U3」
  2. sennheizer 「XSW-D XLR BASE SET」
  3. NUX  「B3」


I chose NUX “B3” in terms of process of elimination. I explain why I chose this product.





I want to use a microphone stand and wireless parts at the same time.

I want to use a microphone stand and wireless parts at the same time like this photo


In XV U3, it may be difficult that I use both of a microphone stand and wireless parts. Because super55’s insertion port of stand is near an insertion port of wireless parts like this photo,

I can’t use a “STAND” if it is not slim wireless parts. Give me a fucking break…


sennheiser 「XSW-D XLR BASE SET」


  • It is slim
  • The design is simple and stylish
  • The wireless range is longer than other two(75m)
  • Sennheiser is very famous brand


That is perfect.

However, it is more expensive about \10,000 than other two, so I didn’t choose this one! I regret a little that I didn’t this one.




Finally, I chose NUX B3. I bought B3 after I checked this one in a music instrument shop.


NUX B3 review

I used B3 about five times in my concert. I think that I can use B3 when I go to floor if it is in a middle size venue because its wireless range is over 30m.

But some band member said my voice was not heard when I went to out of venue, so I should be careful about that.


I bought the microphone stand, but that is not fit to my microphone and wireless parts. It is loose and the stand come off my microphone.


2G(guitarist) say a camera stand can be used for the microphone, so I try other one. See you!!