Thank you for Cook Robinson × BACON SLAP! Taiwan live tour 2019



Hi, this is Tolaichi.


The tour in Taiwan and Japan, this Taiwan tour is fifth time, is finished.So I look back this live tour.


Leave Japan for Taiwan live tour

KIX 2nd terminal in the dark.


Cook Robinson is energetic enough to perform at the day of arrival in Taiwan every time. In the first day of Taiwan tour, Nov 22, I had to wake up at 4:30 A.M. this is faster than grandpa.


We have to walk outside when we boarding an airplane of peach aviation. It is bitterly cold sea breeze of December.


Troubles that we cannot bring boards for introduction of songs and my microphone stand was occurred, but somehow we could leave KIX! And we arrived Taoyuan international airport, Taipei.


Wei(bass player of bacon slap!) said it is often rainy in Taipei, but fortunately it was sunny. My body get sweaty hard in my parker because it was 19 degrees in Taipei.


We have a favorite restaurant in Taipei where we go there every time and this restaurant’s meat rice is delicious.


We went to massage because we got hotel earlier than check-in. 2,500JPY/40min, that is similar to Japan.


Let’s go to Revolver, Taipei

1st floor is bar space.Inside the bar was full and there were many people outside.


Cook Robinson play at Revolver where is live music venue in Taipei every time in Taipei. The bar space was full.


A photo of rehearsal in Dec, 2018. Please refer to the stage size.


2nd floor is concert space. The guest who drink in 1st floor can hear live sound. So, if guest hear favorite music they can enjoy 2nd floor show extra charge.


In other words, it depends on our sound whether guests come 2nd floor.



The back stage at 3rd floor.


He is江逢御, PA in Revolver. He is a nice guy who support us every live in Revolver.


Because “盆暗(BONKURA)” and “I’s”, they performed with us in Revolver, are from Japan, we felt secure as if we play in Japan.


And “bacon slap!”, they came the Taiwan and Japan tour with us, was up grade than last Taipei live. We overcame with their sound. We against their sound, I delivered tissue for guests.


We went to dinner with “bacon slap!”, and 1st day was end.


Let’s go to the cave in Taichung from Taipei

Tooooooo hot.


Taichung is too hot.


The ice thrills me to the heart’s core.

The ice is sold by Miyahara ice cream near Taichung station. That is little expensive, but very very delicious.


In the 2nd day morning, we left the Taipei’s hotel and we met “bacon slap!” in front of Christmas tree at Taipei station. We went to Taichung by some trains.


The Cave where is live music venue in Taichung have a bar space similar to Revolver. There are guests enjoy alcohol.


We arrived the Cave early. The Cave looks like renovated a factory and it rise us up.







There is courtyard that is good chill out space.


I delivered banana in our performing time because there are some guests who watched our music video.


By the way, I was tossed up in the air when I was singing. I got a good feeling!


It seems that every guests had a blast. And many guests bought our T-shirt. Thank you very much.


I got many slang that I can’t use in everyday life in dinner after the party.

The Photo is when we went to dinner after our performance with “老破麻” and “bacon slap!” that they performed with us in the Cave. They are very friendly. I heard “老破麻” will come to Osaka, so I want to go their gig in Osaka.


I want to be able to speak English more…

When I come to Taiwan every time, I think that.


T.C.R.C., Tainan


Mill.K is smoking.



I had a pain in my back because I was too excited last night gig. A cold patch is necessary for me over 35 years old because my performance is like teenager.


T.C.R.C is in the basement of traffic circle and we come in at the little entrance door of the photo. I’m thrilled about this entrance is like a secret base.


After we arrived Tainan, I took half body bathing for care my body and I went sightseeing with Wei. Then we went to rehearsal.


Because T.C.R.C’s stage is near the guest space, performers can feel excitement of audiences directly. Therefor we play in tension different from other venues.


Oh! Please refer to this music video↓ about T.C.R.C live space. This first person view video is taken in T.C.R.C.


And this is this time gig.

Bacon Slap & Cook Robinson Japan Tour

金銀財寶 (Cover by 厨師羅賓森(Cook Robinson))12/7 Mojo 京都 烏丸12/8 Bronze 大阪心齋橋-- 以下Cook Robinson 未出演 --12/9 戰國大統領 大阪綠橋12/12 新宿 Live Freak12/13 高円寺 Green Apple感受一下--Video Create by Crow Chen 林佩穎

Bacon Slap 培根巴掌!さんの投稿 2019年12月1日日曜日

This is a video from just Cook Robinson played “金銀財貨” of BACON SLAP! as a surprise. I can’t forget their amazed look.


They are BWOC and BACON SLAP!. Their music and Taiwan beer are a good much.


Wei and his “Stand”.

Wei said “This live tour is made by us. I’m glad we come to tour with you.” with drinking beer. The words from Wei resonated with me.


Review of Taiwan live tour

Taiwan is warmer than Japan in winter and all the people that I met in Taiwan were kind and warm.

In addition, Taiwanese foods were very delicious and not expensive.


I think it is good thing that we can become friends with people all over the world through music. That is very worthwhile.


When I become grandpa, I want to live in a warm place like Taiwan and wear short sleeves in all seasons.


To be continued on in Japan tour…